Michael A. Jenkins – The Perpetual Dentalist

Dentist Jenkins is a Long Island auto locksmith from Trenton, NJ that enjoys solving difficulties with cars. He got his first start in the emergency room of an intensive care hospital in New York City when he was called out to resuscitate an unconscious man who had stopped breathing on the operating table. The man, whose name is John A. Johnson, was intubated and not breathing on the operating table when Dentist Jenkins performed the cardiopulmonary resuscitation and chest compressions on him. Because of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation performed, surgeons were able to get the man breathing again on the operating table and surgeons successfully operated to save his life. Since then, John A. has gone on to become a successful cardiologist, a certified surgical nurse specialist, a radiology technician, a dentist, a licensed nursing assistant and a medical assistant.

Dentist Jenkins KY

Dentist Jenkins KY worked with the Johnson family to get John A. his medical credential. John A.’s son, Michael, now 18, is a sophomore at St. John’s College in Queens and is very excited about going into medical assisting. Michael told his mother, Rosemary, that he wanted to be a dentist like his father but wanted to start at the dental department instead. His dream came true last summer when his father hired him to be a key and car locksmith at Dentist Jenkins in Trenton.

Dr. Jenkins got to know Michael because Michael is a football fan and wanted to help the team win a championship. He also liked seeing Michael working with his dad. So, whenever Michael presented him with a coupon for an endodontic cleaning session, Dr. Jenkins gave him one too – a discount. Even after Michael’s grandmother, Rosemary, gave him a discount for a cleaning at the endodontic clinic, Dr. Jenkins made sure to keep it a secret.

It was on this same visit to the endodontic clinic where Michael A. A ‘s grandmother, Rosemary, gave him his discount slip. Michael was elated to finally have a job in dentistry and knew he had become a dentist, just like his father. It didn’t take long before Michael began working as a key and endodontic specialist. He even had the opportunity to be a nymphette – meaning he would have to put on a white apron, complete with white gloves, after completing his endodontic training.

With his success in endodontics and nymphetneys, Michael A., is now certified as a master hygienist and a forensic dentist. He can’t believe he once worked as a key and endodontic specialist – until he gets a call from one of his old classmates who asked how long he has been working. To make things even more hilarious, Michael A. tells his former classmate that he used to work as a medical transcriptionist!

“I never thought my career could be that exciting,” says Michael A. “But it is, I just hope I’m able to help people in need every day.” As a car locksmith, Michael A. could take the stress off your mind if you have locked your keys in your car. If you’re locked out of your car, you might want to consider contacting the services of a reputable NJ car locksmith. You should always contact a local locksmith company to assist in situations where you are unable to find the key for your car or home. You can also benefit from the expertise of a qualified NJ car locksmith if you need assistance unlocking a car or locking your keys in a safe.