Pest Control Passaic NJ – Pest Control Solutions For Your Home Or Business

” Rutgers Pest Control serving Northern New Jersey has been a reliable, trustworthy, and well-respected local pest control supplier for more than 30 years. We provide expert pest inspection, treatment, and control of all types of pests from wood-destroying insects to tree-killing pathogens. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals are committed to delivering the very best in services, innovation, and commitment to safety and quality.”

Pest Control Passaic NJ

“We provide pest and insect control in Passaic, NJ. NJ Pest Control is a service company that is committed to offering quality services to both residential and commercial customers, as well as to homeowners. We provide a wide range of services from regular inspection service to emergency service for those instances when pest prevention is more important than treatment. We also provide pest control through organic and non-chemical techniques throughout our five boroughs of New Jersey. For large or growing companies or for residential customers we can match your needs and guarantee your satisfaction.” Statement from Rutgers Pest Control

“If you live in or around Passaic, NJ, you know how pest management can be a daunting task. With so many pests around, you might just be tempted to try every product on the market. Unfortunately, many commercial products and DIY products are simply not equipped to handle the kinds of pests that thrive in New Jersey. That’s why it’s so important to find a company like Rutgers Pest Control that will work with you to identify the pest problem and then provide pest control services that are tailored to your specific needs. When you have the right products and the right personnel to handle them, pest management becomes much easier.”

” Rutgers Pest Control Services have been working hard to put their customers, property owners and managers on the same page about pest control solutions that are both effective and safe. They know that there are always going to be new threats that emerge, so they constantly update themselves on the latest research and developments in the field. By educating themselves and their customers, they’re able to give them the tools they need to get rid of pests and keep them out of their homes and businesses.”

Bed Bugs – “These insects can be a real nightmare for anyone who gets them. They hide in mattresses, beds, and other places, feeding on blood and leaving a terrible residue behind. Pest Control Passaic NJ has helped many people get rid of these nightmarish pests in Passaic and Bed-Stuy, thanks to their expert knowledge and quality services.” Statement from Rutgers Pest Control.

“Rutgers Pest Control services the Passaic and Bed-Stuy areas of New Jersey with a complete pest management program geared to prevent and get rid of pests that feed on blood. When bed bugs first enter a home, they can be extremely difficult to find, but thanks to the dedication and work of our pest control experts, bed bugs can be quickly found and treated. They can also be a nuisance when they take over an entire home, as they feed on human blood. We offer services from the residential home inspection to carpet and mattress cleaning and pest extermination. You can contact us at anytime for free bed bug inspections and other pest concerns.”